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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A New QP For You--Personal Use Only Please

Good Morning Everyone, OMG, 69 Followers!!! Welcome To You All!!! I Apologize For Not Being Around Much This Week. Our Dog Was Hit By A Car And Killed Sunday Night And I Have Been A Basket Case Ever Since. We Have Had Him For Years, And He Was Just Part Of The Family. When My Husband Was Outside, He Was His Companion, But As Soon As They Came In, He Would Come Running To Find Me, And He Was My Constant Companion When He Was Inside. He Followed Me From Room To Room. When I Would Work On The Computer I Would Take My Slippers Off, And He Would Lay On Them, So I Had To Move Him And He Would Wake Up, He Was So Afraid I Was Going To Go Leave Him. So I Have A Big Void In My Live Now, And It Is Hard To Deal With, You Don't Realize How Attached You Are Getting To Them, Until Something Happens. He Never Went To The Road, And I Don't Know Why He Did This Time, But I Sure Wish He Hadn't. Okay, I Have A Special QP For You, It Is Dedicated To All My Followers, And All Of You Who Follow Me, (Whether By Blog Or Just Computer) And Leave Nice Comments For Me, You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings. I Couldn't Do What I Do Without Your Loyalty And Support, And I Appreciate It So Much. I Hope You Will Like The QP, I Made A Background To Do My Border With, And I Thought It Was Pretty, So I Included It In The Download In Case You Might Want To Use It. Have A Great Day!! Big Hugs, Mary Ann
Download Here.
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Sue said...

First of I am so sorry for your loss. I do understand. They totally become part of your family. We had our dog for 13 years and had to have her put to sleep last year. My grown children my grand children and us we were all in tears. They touch everyone we touch. You do the most amazing work and take your time we will all be waiting when you are ready.

cerisette said...

hello, sincerely sorry for your dog, surround myself with older animals and very soon too so I would leave myself too much just like yours, because they are part of my daily courage you can wait thank you for sharing your beautiful work amicably

cerisette said...

hello, thank you for your wonderful kits, and all those hours spent for us share propser wish you a wonderful day. amicably

*~Nightshadow~* said...

So sorry for your loss. We had to put our Maggie to sleep last year. She was 18 years old...we had her for a long time, but it is never enough. I know what you mean about the void, but the loss will be easier to bear in time. Meanwhile, try to think on the happy times.