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Monday, March 28, 2011

Whooooo Hooooo!!!! Tiki Is Cancer Free!!!

Hello Everyone, Hope You Are Having A Great Weekend!! If You Haven't Read The Cbox Message, Tiki Had Her Last Cancer Treatment Yesterday, And Then Was Scanned And Tested And Was Declared Cancer Free!!! I Just Want To Thank All Of You Who Prayed And Supported Her, Especially SusanRae, Who Was A Constant Source Of Support, Thank You So Much Hun, And Thank You So Much Each And Every One Of You!! Most Of All Thank The Good Lord Above, That She Is Now Cancer Free!! To Tiki's Children, I Am So Happy For You That Your Mom Is Through This And Has It Behind Her Now. I Know How Much You Love Your Mom, And You Show It, By The Love And Support You Give Her, I Think You All Are Really Special People, But Then, You Were Raised By A Very Special Person!! A Person That I Have Learned To Love Like A Sister, We Were Both Crying Happy Tears Yesterday!! And To Mr. Royal, A Very Kind And Generous Man (Also Boss Of Tiki's Boys) Who Helped Pay For Tiki's Treatments, God Bless You Sir, It Is So Good To See That We Still Have Compassionate People In This World That Care About Others. You Went Out Of Your Way To Not Only Help Tiki Financially, But Every Other Way You Could As Well!! You Are A Very Special Person And I Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart For Helping My Friend Tiki To Be Able To Get To This Day!! To Tiki, I Couldn't Be Happier For You Hun, I Couldn't Understand How God Could Let You Get Cancer When You Already Have The Horrible Illness You Have To Live With, But I Do See Some Good Coming Out Of It Now, I Think It Has Made Us Closer, And Hopefully, It Has Made You Even Closer With Your Family, And For What You Went Through, And Mr. Royal's Generosity, Other People Who Can't Afford Treatments Will Be Able To Have Them. I Am Very Sorry That You Had To Go Through It At All, But I Am Very Glad This Story Has A Happy Ending!!!! Now Get Busy And Make Us The Mega Kit You Promised!!!LOL Love You My Special Friend!! Big Hugs, Mary Ann


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the update on Tiki. It's great to hear she is doing well and has been given such good news...