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Monday, May 2, 2011

List Of Kits Being Sent Through Group For Downloading Through Hotfiles

I Am So Upset, I Just Found A Person That Goes By The Name "Helis" In One Of My Share Groups, Sharing Our Kits, After They Have Been Downloaded To "Hotfiles". I Wrote Her And Let Her Know My Feelings About What She Is Doing, And Told Her That I Will Be Listing All Of The Kits She Shares On Hotfiles, On My Blog On A Daily Basis, So Other Designers Will Be Aware Of What She Is Doing, If We Can Cause Enough Heat, Maybe They Will Stop This!!! I Tried To Explain To Her That She Is Stealing Our Work, We Put Our Time, Our Money, Into Making These Kits, And Then Offer Them Freely, Don't We At Least Have The Right To Have People Who Download Them Know Who Made Them, To Hear The Comments Of People Who Download Them, To Know How Many Downloads We Got--That Is Our Feedback, Our Way Of Knowing What You Like Or Don't Like, But They Are Taking All Of That Away!! I Am So Upset, I Really Feel Like Throwing In The Towel, But I Love What I Do, Or I Wouldn't Have Been Here Doing It As Long As I Have! It Is Fine To Share, If They Would Just Put The Link Back To Our Blog, I Don't Think That's Too Much To Ask!! (Thanks For Letting Me Vent!!)So I Will Go Start My List!!! Big Hugs, Mary Ann This Is Her E-Mail For Anyone Who Might Want To Write Her:


Linda said...

Hello Mary Ann & Tiki, unfortunately there will always be the dishonest people who claim other peoples work as their own and not give credit to the makers of the items. I agree that the very least they should do is put a link to your work or give you credit.
Thank you so much for all the time you spend making your accents, elements, pages and frames and then sharing them with us...