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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Am Back Whooo Hooo

First I would like to thank everyone for all the nice comments and prays while I was recovering from surgery, I have missed everyone so much and reading all the nice comments everyone leaves for us daily,We appreciate ya'll compliments very much, I am lost for words, I had alot of catching up reading everyone's comments left in the cbox on the blog and through emails, I cried happy tears reading all the lovely comments you all leave, and I had to deal with a horrible person who tried to break into my house while I was home by myself on Monday, and on 9-13-11 we had someone break into our house while we were at my doctor's office and they took all my and my hubbie's pain medications,I thanked the good lord for keeping me safe from that horrible man who had a knife in his hand while trying to break into my home, my father taught me and my siblings at an early age to shoot guns, I am a true cajun country girl, LOL, between my illness, me having surgery, and dealing with burgulars I could write a book, LOL, I would like to welcome all our new followers, this is to my special friend and partner (Mrs Mary Ann), you are a true friend, a one of a kind friend and partner, you are like a sister to me, I cannot thank you enough for all the support and courage you give me, there's lots of things with which I am blessed, tho's my life's been both sunny and blue, but of all my blessing's this one is the best, to have a friend like you, in times of trouble's friends will say, just asked I'll help you through it, but you don't wait for me to ask, you just get up and do it, and I could think of nothing in life I could more wisely do, than know a friend, and be a friend and love a friend like you, thank you all from the bottom of my heart, god bless everyone. Big Hugs Tiki


Linda said...

Hello Tiki, it's good to hear you're doing better.
Thank you again for your lovely work but please remember not to go overdoing it, stay safe...