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***Welcome To My New Followers, So Glad To Have You! For The Ones Who Have Been Here Awhile, Thank You So Much For Your Support, It Is So Much Appreciated!***
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OMG 37 New Followers

I am speechless and overwhelmed with all our new followers, I would like to welcome all our new followers, I would like to thank my RSD support group for supporting our work and joining as followers, today is Mrs Mary Ann's, 35th wedding anniversary, what a wonderful wedding anniversary this will be for my special friend and partner,37 new followers, this is to funny Mrs Mary Ann, is on a date with her hubbie and we get 37 new followers,you are very welcome my friend and I do know how much you "Appreciate" me getting us new followers, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY FRIEND, SURPRISE I GOT YOU 37 NEW FOLLOWERS FOR YOUR ANNIVERSARY, Big Hugs, TIKI