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Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello Everyone, You Know We Pay For The Use Of 4-Shared, We Pay For The Blog Space, We Pay For Our Little Messenger On The Blog, We Pay For Membership At Outlaw By Design, And Barry's Place, And Purchase From Trina Clark And Other Scrap Shops To Have More To Share With You. (This Is What We Request From Our Families For Christmas, Birthdays Etc. We Are By No Means Rich!!) Then We Do All The Work, While We Really Should Be Doing Other Things A Lot Of The Time, Then We Put Our Little Creations On The Blog And Share Them With Whoever Can Use Them, We Do This Freely, Asking Nothing In Return, You Would Think That Would Be Appreciated, (And I Know A Lot Of You Do, And I Thank You So Much)But For Some People It Isn't, They Have To Take More Than That, They Have To Take Your Credit Away!! So If You Come Here One Day Soon, And The Blog Has Been Closed You Can Write Her ( And Thank Her, No, She Isn't The Only Person That Has Stolen My Work, She Is Just The One Who Tipped Me Over The Edge!! Big Hugs To You All, Mary Ann (My Reaction) THESE FRAMES WERE NOT MADE BY STAITLEE!! I (Mary Ann Of Creative Elegance Designs) Made These Frames As Part Of My Wedding Kit, And I DO NOT APPRECIATE HER TAKING CREDIT FOR THEM!! Do Your Own Work, Then You Can Take Credit For It, But Lying And Saying Someone's Else's Work Is Yours, How Can You Feel Good About That!! Staitlee, I Don't Know You Personally, But I Thought You Were An Upstanding Member Of Our Groups, I Never Thought You Would Take Credit For Someone Else's Work This Way!! Mary Ann/Creative Elegance Designs


Staitlee said...

This is Staitlee and I do appologize for the creation stamp by me on this frame. It was an accident, I was preparing shares for a group and I accidently put the wrong stamp on it, it was suppose to say shared by Staitlee...there is no intention on me stealing your work. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. I appologize for this with my whole heart. I am human as all are here and the mistake was honest...please forgive me..thanks