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Monday, December 17, 2012

Good Morning Everyone

Wow, What A Day Yesterday, That Something So Horrible Could Happen Is Bad Enough, But To Happen To Such Small Innocent Children, and Their Principal, Psychologist, And Teachers. It Is Just Unbelievable!! I Sat Glued To The TV Once I Heard About It, Trying To Figure Out What Happened, But It Still Makes No Sense. I Pray For The Families Of The Senselessly Murdered Individuals, But Also For The Kids Who Heard What Was Going On, And Must Have Been Scared Out Of Their Minds. They Told Them To Cover Their Eyes As They Took Them Out To Keep Them From Having To See The Ones On The Floor Died Or Maybe Dying. I Don't Usually Give My Opinion On News Articles, But I Can't Pretend That This Is Just Another Day. If You Believe In Prayer I Hope You Will Join Me And Pray For These Families, And Hope They Get To The Bottom Of Exactly What Happened. With That Said, I Will Try To Get You Some Freebies Later, I Really Appreciate The Comment And Downloads For The Frame, QP, And Papers Yesterday. They Really Mean A Lot to Me and Make Me What To Do More!! God Bless And Big Hugs To You All, Mary Ann


Handmaiden Dotty said...

I can't believe not one person who reads your great blog didn't bother to take the time to comment on this tragedy. Even over a year later, I still remember sitting in shock and, like you, praying for the parents and families of those murdered and the children in the school and their families. I prayed for community to join together to help guide and comfort those left behind.
Unfortunately, these incidents are becoming more and more frequent. I'm thankful my children are grown, but I have great-grands who are school age and so I continue praying... not just for them but for the protection of body AND mind of all these precious children still going to school in these troublesome times.
I commend you for requesting that people pray, and I'm glad it is still in your blog. May God bless you too, for your tender heart and your devotion to is evident in the QP's and clip art and sets you share. Blessings, Handmaiden Dotty