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Monday, December 1, 2014

The Missing Posers That Should Have Been In The 1st Accent Kit

To Lynn Who Wrote Me All The Way From South Africa, Here Are The Posers That Should Have Been With The Kit. Click On The Mediafire Download Link. Thanks So Much For Your Nice Letter, I Appreciate It Very Much!! Big Hugs, Mary Ann

Hi Everyone, I Made A Big Mistake With This Kit, On The First Accents Kit I Left The Posers (Shown On The Preview) Out Of The Kit. I Am So, So Sorry About This. I Always Save My New Kits In A Folder In PSP Format In Case I Need To Make Changes Later, And When I Went Back To Find This One Today, I Had Saved It Without The Posers, I Actually Had Something Else In The Place. But Apparently I Made A Last Minute Change Adding The Posers, And Forgot To Actually Add Them To The Kit. I Am So Sorry But This Was A Huge Kit, And I Worked Really Hard On It, I Really Wanted It To Be Special For You, And I Feel So Bad About The Mistake, I Wish Someone Had Told Me Earlier, I Am Very Grateful To Phyllis And Nellie, And Elee For Making Me Aware Of This Problem. I Finally Found The Posers, I Had To Go Back To Outlaw By Design's Site And Search For Them And Found 2 Of Them, And The Other 2 I Found In My PSP Files Where I Had Put Them In Another Decoration. Thank Goodness!!! I Feel So Bad About This, But I Swear I Was Not Aware, My Apologies To Everyone!! I Will Never Put Anything In The Preview That I Don't Intend To Give You! So Here Are The Posers That Should Have Been In The Kit. Sorry They Are So Late!! My Sincere Apologies, Big Hugs To You All!! Mary Ann P.S. Please Don't Hesitate Anytime You See Something Wrong With My Kits, Or Links Aren't Working To Contact Me So I Can Fix It,Or At Least Try To. Send Me An E-Mail ( Download Link:
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Anonymous said...

They are so cute Thank you. I wasn't sure whether to say anything so glad I did I just love them Thanks. Hugs Elee