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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Help For People Trying To Sign Up As Followers (I Hope)

Hello Everyone, I Have Searched Blogger Help Today, Went Through You Wouldn't Believe How Many Pages, Come Upon Every Problem Except What I Was Looking For. I Did Find This, Maybe It Might Be Of Some Help!! ***To sign up as followers, people must have Google accounts: these can be created with ANY type of email address - but if people care about their long term access to the blog, they may want to use a personal account rather than a work one (assuming that most people change jobs every so often)*** Blogger Is Nice To Let Us Use Their Blogs, But Seems When There Is A Problem, We Are Left On Our Own. I Was Shocked To Read Of So Many People's Blogs Just Disappearing, Or Their Posts, Or Other Serious Problems, Yet There Is No Way Of Contacting Blogger, That Doesn't Seem Right, And Is Downright Scary To Me!! I Will Keep Trying To Find Some Answers, In The Meantime, Please Keep Trying!! And I Am Really Sorry For The Problem!! Big Hugs, Mary Ann